Holiday {Christmas}

Elves need hats [OPEN PDF...]
The Elves Need Hats | PDF Printable
What kind of fun, silly, or crazy hats will you come up with?

Santa Cookies
3D Santa Cookies + Milk | 2 PDF Printable
Color, cut, paste to create this Santa cookies and milk paper craft.

Reindeer [OPEN PDF...]
The Reindeer Need Their Antlers | PDF Printable
Create antlers of all types/ shapes / sizes. Straight, pointy, curved, etc.

Snow flakes

Snowflakes | PDF Printable
Trace, color, and draw your own snowflakes.

B is for [OPEN PDF...]
Ginger Bread House Paper Craft | 2 Page PDF
Color, cut, and paste the candies and details on the gingerbread house. What a yummy project.

Christmas tree coloring
Christmas Tree Color by Shape | PDF Printable
Color by shape; using at least 3 different crayons, color the the star shapes green, the triangle shape orange, and rest of the shapes anything you want.

Holiday {Halloween}

Skeleton [OPEN PDF...]
Craft Your Own Skeleton | 2 Page PDF Printable
Color, cut, paste/ assemble your own skeleton. Hang him up as a fun Halloween decoration.

Reindeer [OPEN PDF...]
Mummy Bandages | PDF Printable
Color, cut and paste the bandages on the mummy. *Multi-color bandages add a fun look.

B is for [OPEN PDF...]
Halloween Cupcake Craft | 2 Page PDF
Color, cut, and paste the scary Halloween toppings on the cupcake. A fun and sweet project.

Holiday {Easter}

Easter egg [OPEN PDF...]
26 Eggs, 26 Letters | PDF Printable
Use these blank eggs to practice writing the alphabet. A letter an egg.

Reindeer [OPEN PDF...]
Easter Eggs | PDF Printable
Make them your own by adding scribbles, shapes, drawings, patterns, etc.

Holiday {Valentine's Day}

Valentine's Cupcake [OPEN PDF...]
Hearts and Spirinkles Cupcake | 2 Page PDF
A delicious color, cut, and paste printable complete with conversation hearts and sprinkles.

Reindeer [OPEN PDF...]
Hearts | PDF Printable
Color, scribble, or draw--these open-ended hearts are prompts for you to make your own Valentine.

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