NOV. 2014 {Art}



solve read draw [OPEN PDF...]

Introducing promptables! They are in fact still printables, but specificlally tailored towards a creative end. All the promptables will incorporate a 'prompt' to create/ or finish the drawing. The drawing prompts will be open-ended to allow for creative freedom.



Oct. 2014 {Reading}

Solve read draw


solve read draw [OPEN PDF...]

Reading should be its own reward, but when you're just starting out it can (at times) be overwhelming. This printable series offers a fun little decoding adventure that is sure to make the reward of reading --a literal reward.

Solve the puzzle using the code, write the letters, read the sentence, and finish the drawing.

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Sept. 2014 {Art}

Imagined by


Imagined by [OPEN PDF...]

Introducing the Imagined By Series! This will be an ongoing project where seemingly abstract shapes are transformed by your child's imagination. This is a great exercise to stimulate their imagination and unleash creativity. Just give them the printable along with crayons/ pens/ pencil or paint, and tell them to create something out of what they see. Whether they create something literal or abstract, there are no wrong creations! It should be just as fun for you to see what they come up with, as it is for them to imagine it.

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