B is for [OPEN PDF...]
Make Your Own Hibos Owl | Printable PDF
A craftable paper Hibos! A fun litle color, cut, and paste project.

B is for [OPEN PDF...]
Leaning to use Scissors | 2 Page Printable PDF
This is for young children learning to use scissors. Practice cutting lines, corners, curves.

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Ice cream cone [OPEN PDF...]
Paper Ice Cream Cone | 2 Page Printable PDF
Create your own 6 scoop ice cream cone!! You decide what flavors (colors) and topings.

Monster eyes [OPEN PDF...]
Monster Eyes | Printable PDF
Color, cut, and paste these fun monster eyes on projects. Great for use with construction paper.

Race cars [OPEN PDF...]
Race Track with Cars | 2 Page Printable PDF
Create your race track complete with cars and a 3D tunnel.

Crayons [OPEN PDF...]
Shapes and Crayons | Printable PDF
Create your own paper craft crayon using basic shapes, and get scissor practice time.